Lehrstuhl für Europäische Ethnologie / Empirische  Kulturwissenschaft

    Narrating the Multispecies World. Conference Proceedings

    We plan to publish the conference proceedings in a peer-reviewed edited book.

    Deadline: December 31, 2023

    Please send your manuscript to multispecies.conference@uni-wuerzburg.de

    • The submitted manuscripts must be unformatted (max. 45,000 characters, including spaces) with full name of the author or authors and contact details. Do not use any predfined style sheets or formats
    • Submit your manuscript in MSWord doc(x) format, font size 12pt, Times New Roman, 1.5 line spacing, no hyphenation, without any comments in the document.
    • Clear all rights for images or graphics. Images or graphics must be supplied in jpg or tif format, with at least 300 dpi resolution, in separate files and with appropriate captions. For the placement of illustrations, digrams of tables within the text of your contirbution, bear in mind that the maximum width is 11 cm. For tables, please use the automatic function to place tables. For diagrams created in Excel, also supply the corresponding Excel file (important for links), otherwise necessary adjustments cannot be made.
    • Clearly mark any special characters.
    • The following abbreviations should be used without spaces: abbreviations requested by the publisher’s rules, such as e.g., and abbreviated first names, such as in W.A. Mozart.
    • If you use subheadings in the text, insert 2 blank lines before the subheading, 1 blank line after the heading.
    • Use short references in round brackets within the text, including author’s surname, year of publication, and exact page or pages; in case of more than three authors use “et al.”; place long references or series of more than three short references in footnotes.
    • Place the bibliography at the end of the article.
    • Indent quotations longer than three lines.
    • Avoid emphasis; if you think that emphasis is absolutely necessary, use italics.



    Surname, First Name/Surname, First Name: Title. Subtitle. Place Year.

    Series titles follow the year of publication in parentheses, if applicable.

    Essays in anthologies:

    Surname, First Name: Title. Subtitle. In: Surname, First Name (Ed.): Title. Subtitle. Place Year: Page–Page.

    Essays in journals:

    Surname, First Name: Title. Subtitle. In: title of journal volume number (year): Page–Page.

    Online documents:

    If author is known:

    Surname, First Name: Title. If applicable, further information about the document, URL: Link, date accessed, please write out month name.


    Wolf, Sonja: Zur sozialen und politischen Lage der anerkannten nationalen Minderheiten in Deutschland. In: bpb.de. MAR. 10, 2017. URL: https://www.bpb.de/apuz/243860/zur-sozialen-und-politischen-lage-deranerkannten-nationalen-minderheiten-in-deutschland, 10 April 2019.

    If author is unknown:

    Unknown: Title. If applicable, further information about the document, URL: Link, date of access, with full name of month (such as October 3, 2022).