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    Ancient Near Eastern Studies


    Topics in the History of the Ancient Near East

    Course identification: 04-AO-TAO
    Class hours per week: 2 per semester
    ECTS points: 5
    Duration: 1 semester
    Course offering: at least every third semester
    Level: BA

    Lecture: Topics in the Cultural History of the Ancient Near East

    The module gives a comprehensive overview of a specific topic of ancient Near Eastern cultural history. Possible topics include various areas of the intellectual and cultural life of the ancient Near East, such as literature, art, music, law, sciences, divination, calendars, deities and myths, temple and palace, the structure of societies and many more. There is an emphasis on the discussion of original sources, their historical development as well as theoretical and methodological issues in the analysis of the sources. Moreover, the module gives an overview of the current research on the relevant topic.

    Learning objectives:
    The student will acquire detailed knowledge of a topic in ancient Near Eastern cultural history and is able to present a detailed discussion of a selected topic taking into account the written and iconographic sources. The student has an overview of the theoretical and methodological issues at stake.

    1 research paper (3000-3500 words).