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    Ancient Near Eastern Studies


    Digital Practice C: Presenting and Communicating Knowledge

    Course identification: 04-VA-DPC
    Class hours per week: 2
    ECTS points: 5
    Duration: 1 semester
    Course offering: -
    Level: BA


    Übung: Digital Practice C: Presenting and Communicating Knowledge

    The module introduces students to strategies of presentation and communication of knowledge about archaeo logy, art, culture and society in ancient Western Asia. Students will practically implement such strategies in exer cises and project work. Through multimodal forms of communication, graphic processing, digital storytelling, vir tual exhibitions, web publications and/or collaborative writing, cultural phenomena and research results will be made understandable and accessible to different audiences.

    Learning objectives:
    Methodological competencies in the preparation and presentation of specialist knowledge in digital space. Prac tical relevance through exercises and practical project work.

    a) presentation (approx. 45 minutes) with handout (1 to 2 pages) or
    b) term paper (2,000 to 2,500 words excluding bibliography) or
    c) practical project (e. g. network analysis, quantitative evaluation of an object corpus and/or mapping in time and space, approx. 30 hours total)