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  • Krishna Pushkarani, Hampi
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Kannada School 2023

Kannaḍa as a Classical Language

Kannada, the Dravidian language of the South Indian state of Karnataka, is a classical Indian language and distinguished by its rich literary history Today, Kannada is spoken by about 50 million people.
This course focusses on Pampa 's Vikramārjunavijaya  ("Pampabhārata") from which selected verses will be read and studied. The reader "Classical Kannada Poetry and Prose" by C. N. Ramachandran and B. A. Viveka Rai, published in 2015, will be used as an introductory text.
Participants are expected to have a comprehensive knowledge of grammar and the Kannada script. Interested persons are requested to enclose a short letter of motivation (max. half page) until April 23 rd 2023.  

The course is taught by Prof. Dr. B.A. Viveka Rai who is a retired professor of Kannada Literature and Folklore at the University of Mangalore. Since 2010 he is a regular guest professor at the Chair of Indology, University of Würzburg, teaching modern and classical Kannada, as well as courses on the culture and literature of Karnataka.

Please register until April 23, 2023!
For registration please contact PD Dr. Anna Aurelia Esposito, Chair of Indology, E-Mail.

Please see attached poster for further information.