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Sinology in Würzburg

Market China

This project on economic structures and relations in China, funded by the Bavarian Ministry for Education, Culture, Science and the Arts, was carried out under the direction of Prof. Dr. Dieter Kuhn from 19970 to 2000. The aim of the project was to prepare different types of knowledge and experience about the market and economic life in China in the form of an up-to-date, easily readable book. The book presents how the framework conditions for economic activities in China can be conceived, deals with economic administrations and regional disparities and outlines the economic focal points in provincial portraits. In addition to Western and Chinese literature, empirical studies in China served as a basis for this project. In order to broaden understanding of the Chinese market, the project also dealt with differences in mentality and cooperation difficulties between Chinese and German business partners. Further, the book provides a historical outline, as well as an introductory study of China’s role in global capitalism. In the appendix, the publication contains contact addresses and a catalogue of economic sectors for foreign investment.


  • Dieter Kuhn, Angelika Ning, Shi Hongxia, Market China. Basic knowledge for successful market opening. Oldenbourg 2001.