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Sinology in Würzburg

Current and completed dissertation projects

Below you will find an overview of ongoing and completed dissertation projects of staff, doctoral students and associates of the Sinology department at the University of Würzburg.

Current dissertation projects

  • Passant Aboubakr: Environmental Regulation in China and Its Relationship with International Trade and Investment Patterns.
  • Hannes Gohli: Industrial Policies for the Energy Transition in China.
  • Anna Hauser: The importance of renewable energies for local self-governance in China.
  • Birgit Herrmann: Late Marriage and Voluntary Childlessness in Contemporary Urban China.
  • Theresa Krause: Social scoring and Compliance in China.
  • LI Hui: The Policy Implementation Gap Within China’s Finance Sector.
  • Jonas Lindner: Economic Inequality in China, 2013-2018.
  • Michael Malzer: Urbanization in Yinchuan (Ningxia).
  • Sam Pittman: The People of Xue Xuan (1389-1464): An Examination of Xue Xuan’s Social Networks Through his Writings and Other Historical Sources.
  • Samuel Schlichting: China's Belt and Road Initiative in Central Asia.
  • Anna-Katharina Schaper: Female Entrepreneurs in China.
  • Immanuel Spaar: The Dynamics of Oral Transmission in Confucianism - Luo Rufang (1515-1588) and his Thought.
  • Lena Wassermann: Governed by Scores? The Impact of China’s Social Credit System on German Firms.
  • ZHANG Jiarui: The Chinese Consumers’ Purchasing Behavior for Battery Electric Vehicles.

Completed dissertation projects

  • Maximilian Dullo: User-oriented Innovation in China. (2021)
  • Jan Brzoska: Market Forecasts for the Chinese Automobile Market. (2020)
  • Isabel Dettmer: HRM, Qualifizierung und Rekrutierung in China – Das Mismatch-Problem dargestellt am Beispiel der Hotellerie. (2016) [Würzburg University Press] [ebook]
  • Franziska Fröhlich: Discourses of Food and the Environment: Chinese Consumers Between Eating for Safety and Eating for Change.
  • Andrea Funk: Crowdfunding in China. A New Institutional Economics Approach. (2019) [Springer] [ebook]
  • Susan Grune: Lobbying and Standards in the Energy Efficient Building Industry. (2017)
  • Isabelle Harbrecht: Entering Society. The Adolescence, Identity and Development of Vocational Education Students in Shanghai. (2019) [Würzburg University Press] [ebook]
  • Baris Selcuk: Individualization and the Chinese Middle Class Family. A Qualitative Study of 24 Beijing Families. (2015)
  • Florian Thünken: Urbanization and Modernization in Rural Chongqing: A View from Below on New Style Urbanization. (2019)
  • Sabrina Weithmann: The Evolvement of Standards in China. Insights from the Electrical Vehicle Sector. (2018) [Nomos]
  • YAN Zhe: Surrogate Elder Care: Paid Care Work within the Nexus of State, Family, and Market under China's Care Transition.
  • Katja Yang: Social Change and Prospects of Socio-Political Activism in Contemporary Urban China. (2017) [Nomos]
  • YANG Weiyue: Population Policy and Governance at the Local Level – A Qualitative Research of the Implementation of the Universal Two-Child Policy in China.

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