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Sinology in Würzburg

GSIK - Global Systems and Intercultural Competence

The project "Global Systems and Intercultural Competence" was originally intiated by the Faculty of Law in 2008 and has since then been joined by many of the University's faculties, offering interdisciplinary classes and activities to all students.

The Sinology regularly offers a class on intercultural competence ("Interkulturelle Kompetenz") during the winter term, which belongs to the GSIK event pool and therefore can be accredited for the GSIK certificate. In this class students shall acquire cognitive, affective and communicative competences, that allow for communication with persons from the Chinese cultural sphere. Students will learn basic concepts of intercultural communication and how these concepts may be applied to intercultural contacts between people from a German and Chinese cultural background. Students shall be enabled to reflect on their own role and to independently act in an intercultural context.