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Interdisciplinary Workshop: The labour market in China and Russia

Interdisciplinary Workshop: The labour market in China and Russia – Structures, Characteristics, Experiences

Date: 2nd of July 2011, 09:30 – 16:30, Lecture Hall 5 in the Philosophy Building
Organisers: Prof. Dr. Helga Stahl, Isabel Dettmer (moderator), Stephanie Schwarz, Jia Liu


Intercultural competence ist he key to tomorrow’s economic success, since globalisation is having a lasting impact on our economic system. New sales markets must be opened and productivity increased through strategically important cooperation and partnerships at international level. The booming economies of China and Russia are attracting many investors from third countries, including Germany. Many well-known multinationals, financial institutions, as well as industrial and trading companies have established their own branches in China and Russia. They recruit not only local employees, but also managers from their country of origin. This trend is also evident in Chinese and Russian companies, which specifically recruit employees with different cultural backgrounds. However, managers that want to work in China and Russia need knowledge about economic and legal frameworks, as well as culturally conditioned mindsets and communication structures. In this workshop, aspects such as labour law and personnel management will be discussed. Thereafter, working groups will report on professional experiences in China and exercises will be carried out on the basis of case studies in Russia. Experts from various fields will be present who have many years of experience in China or Russia, either in academia or business.

Download the workshop poster here.