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Learning from the “frontrunner”?

Learning from the “frontrunner”? A multidisciplinary analysis of the Chinese Social Credit System and its impact on Germany (bidt 2020-2023)

China’s Social Credit System (SCS) is an artificial intelligence driven system seeking to enhance moral behavior, financial reliability and social control. It is one of the most significant examples of radical digital innovation, and to date the largest attempt made in social engineering. Its effects transcend China as it affects foreign companies and individuals present in China. Against this background, this interdisciplinary project investigates the opportunities and risks derived from China’s digital transformation (through the SCS) and its impact on Germany’s government, firms and society. This is a collaborative project headed by Prof. Dr. Doris Fischer (link), Prof. Dr. Eugénia da Conceição-Heldt (Technical University of München (TUM)) and Prof. Dr. Jens Grossklags (TUM). This project is supported by the Bayerisches Forschungsinstitut für Digitale Transformation (bidt).

For a more in-depth introduction to the project as well as interviews with the project partners please visit this page (German language).