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Political Steering of Strategic Industries in China

Political Steering of Strategic Industries in China: Assessing renewable energy transition management (DFG 2018-2020)

The administration of Xi Jinping has introduced new mechanisms of political steering, and the 3rd Plenary Decision of the 18th Party Congress propagates new concepts and instruments of economic steering. This new orientation has found expression in policy documents like the flagship program “Made in China 2025” or the 13th Five-Year Plan. Against this background this research project investigates the development and implementation of industrial policies under the Xi administration and specifically the role allotted to local actors in this context. By focussing on industrial policies related to renewable energy technologies (wind, solar, smart grid) the project intends to also enhance the relationship between innovation, industrial and sustainability policies. This is a joint project of Prof. Dr. Doris Fischer and  Prof. Dr. Sabina Habich-Sobiegalla (FU Berlin).