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Sinology in Würzburg


Würzburg's Sinology enables students to spend time at partner universities in China and Taiwan, both through the integrated European Chinese Language and Culture Programme and through partnership scholarships at other universities. Students are supported in applying for mobility grants and scholarships.

European Chinese Language and Culture Programme (ECLC)

Since the summer semester of 2002, students at the University of Würzburg have had the opportunity to study at Peking University for a full semester. For this purpose, the University of Würzburg, together with the universities of Aarhus and Oslo, maintains its own programme and permanently staffed office at the School of International Studies (SIS) at Peking University.


Study at Partner Universities

The University of Würzburg and the Institute of East and South Asian Cultural Studies maintain relationships with a large number of universities in the East Asian region, which enable students to apply for one to two-semester stays at these partner universities. Tuition fees are waived or scholarships are paid within the framework of the respective agreements.



The Sinology actively supports its students in applying for a variety of different scholarship programmes. The spectrum ranges from national DAAD scholarship programmes to regional and internal university scholarship programmes.