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    Sinologie in Würzburg

    Immanuel Spaar, M.A.

    Chair for East Asian Cultural History, Teaching and Research Assistant


    Immanuel Spaar took his undergraduate studies at Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg (JMU) in the Modern China Bachelor program. During the integrated semester in China he studied at Peking University in 2009. As recipient of a one-year stipend from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) he pursued further training in modern Mandarin and classical Chinese at National Taiwan Normal University. During his graduate studies he completed the first year in the Chinese Studies programme of JMU, while in the second year he took courses at National Chengchi University in Taiwan. 2013 he graduated with a study on Chinese philosophy.

    He worked as Sales Account Manager at a large Taiwanese manufacturer where he made experience in an international business environment.

    Since April 2017 he has been employed at the Sinology of JMU. In 2018 he stayed for one semester at Peking University, where he was in charge of students as Managing Director at the European Chinese Language and Culture Programme (ECLC) at Peking University and participated in implementing a summer school for students of economics from JMU.

    Field of Research

    In his dissertation project he explores Neo-Confucianism of the Ming dynasty. He analyzes texts that transposed verbal speech and the Confucian didactics of oral instruction to the written word (yulu).

    Academic Areas

    Chinese Philosophy, intellectual history of late imperial China, Wang Yangming studies, Greater China studies, modernization of Chinese society.

    Past Courses

    Summer term 2017 Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore
    Winter term 2017-18 An introduction to China's geography; Gudai Hanyu (substitute)
    Summer term 2018 Managing Director at ECCL, Peking University
    Winter term 2018-19 Early Chinese schools of thought since Confucius
    Summer term 2019 The Neo-Confucians
    Winter term 2019-20 Peking: capital and global mega city
    Summer term 2020 Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore
    Winter term 2020-21 Chinese Philosophy