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Allgemeine und Angewandte Sprachwissenschaft

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The Master of General and Applied Linguistics ("Master für Allgemeine und Angewandte Sprachwissenschaft", abbreviated as MAAS) allows you to attend modules offered by five different linguistics divisions at the University of Würzburg, namely German Linguistics, English Linguistics, Romance Linguistics, Slavic Linguistics and Comparative Linguistics. This means that students can specialise within this Master programme, either combining modules offered by different departments or focussing on one language. Please note that the courses offered by the English Linguistics department are taught in English, some courses offered by Romance Linguistics are partially taught in French, Spanish or Italian, while all the other courses are taught in German.

Depending on the size of the departments, the number of modules that can be selected for the Master of General and Applied Linguistics varies. Students often combine courses from different linguistics departments in their Master programme.

Please note that German language proficiency is one of the admission requirements for the MAAS programme of study.

More information about the content of the Master of General and Applied Linguistics as well as the admission requirements can be found here:

Questions concerning international applications, including inquiries regarding the recognition of foreign academic degrees, must be directed to the International Office. The following link provides useful information about the admission procedure (e.g., the German language requirement):

Please note that all international applications must be submitted directly to the International Office. International applications submitted only via the online application system cannot be accepted.