Irish Studies Würzburg

    Globalized (Neo-) Classicisms? Uses of Antiquity in Contemporary World Literatures


    International Online Symposium

    10 & 11 December 2020

    11.30-16.00 CET


    Signals for a nascent revival of globalized classicisms can be identified in contemporary Anglophone literature produced for and in a world market. It is long overdue, then, that scholars in Anglophone literary and globalization studies take up questions insistently posed by contemporary classicists and ask not just 'why classics matter', but why particular constellations of the 'classics' matter and how they achieve that significance.

    This joint symposium, headed by the UGC-DAAD-IGP collaboration between JNU, New Delhi, and JMU Würzburg seeks to offer a transnational forum for debating these phenomena and issues. Two papers at the symposium might be of particular interest for members and friends of Irish Studies Würzburg (ISWÜ):

    10.12.2020 // 13.00-14.00 CET 


    Separating the Inseparable: A Buddhist Interpretation

    of the Two Creative Personas of John Banville/Benjamin Black

    Dr Pawan Kumar, Assistant Professor of English,

    Dyal Singh Evening College, University of Delhi


    Reading Seamus Heaney's Field Work (1979)

    in the Conceptual Framework of the Theory of Suggestion (Dhvani)

    Prajakta Simon, PhD student, 

    Centre for English Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi


    For more information on the symposium, please see http://www.anglistik.uni-wuerzburg.de/abteilungen/englische-literatur-und-kulturwissenschaft/literature-in-a-globalized-world/activities/

    The symposium will be conducted via zoom. To join, please contact globalized.classics@gmail.com.