Irish Studies Würzburg


    The lecture of Prof. Reinfandt from the University of Tuebingen provided by the Irish Studies Würzburg has given me a great insight into the world of Sebastian Barry’s The Secret Scripture (2008). Prof. Reinfandt presented Barry’s novel with great care and understanding for the characters and the cultural and literary background of the novel’s story. Prof. Reinfandt also managed to give the novel cultural relevancy due to the immediacy of the scandal of the “Magdalen laundries” which links into Roseanne’s tragic story as well. All in all, the lecture provided a deeper dive into the literary style of the novel as well as its emotional story. 
    Anna-Lena Kamm, student of English Literatures and Cultures, University of Tübingen

    I enjoyed the lecture and the discussion of Sebastian Barry's book by Prof. Reinfandt very much! This lecture has been a refreshing and exciting event, which gave a lot of interesting insights into the inspirations and themes of the book.
    Marc Stoyanopoulos, student of English, History and Philosophy, University of Tübingen

    I thoroughly enjoyed Elke D’hoker’s very rich lecture – I thought it was wonderfully inspiring and thought-provoking. I’d read Spill Simmer Falter Whither a few years back after attending a reading by [Sara] Baume here in Leuven, and now I can’t wait to get into A Line Made by Walking.
    Phyllis Boumans, doctoral researcher, Faculty of Arts, KU Leuven

    I really enjoyed listening to the guest lecture on "A line made by walking". What I liked in particular was her approach to art as it is depicted in Baume's novel and the link to nature. D'Hoker provided an insightful way to read the novel and included scholarily works as well. All in all, it was a great online event.
    Bianca Minxolli, student of English and American Studies, University of Würzburg

    Smooth delivery. Even after an hour the topics were still hot and spicy - or a more serious version if the first one should be too slackly: A really thought-provoking and varied lecture with refreshing supplements.
    Brendan Arlt, student of English and American Studies, University of Würzburg

    I enjoyed the interesting talk about "A Line Made by Walking" and the different aspects which were analyzed very much. The presentation was very nicely done and good to follow. It really made me want to know more about the novel.
    Sophie Schneider, student of English and American Studies, University of Würzburg

    The kick-off event was, for lack of a better word, wonderful. I especially loved it when Colette Bryce and Jan Carson read excerpts from their works. […] I am very much looking forward to […] more events and guest lectures on Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Irish-American connection throughout history.
    Leonie Vogel, student of English and American Studies, University of Würzburg

    Thank you very much […] for a most enjoyable event […]. I really appreciated your efforts and the fact that the University of Würzburg is now part of the EFACIS network […]. This is particularly special for me as the former Mayor of Bray, Co Wicklow - the Stadtpartner von Würzburg, […] who signed the twinning agreement in 1999 with the City and as someone who is active in our twinning programme. It was great to see many of the German-Irish community in Würzburg taking part and to have the support of the City. I look forward to many more events […].
    David Grant, former Mayor of Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland

    It was indeed a very enjoyable event; reflective, passionate and full of insights. In this era of "Zoomification" and, more or less, non-existent air travel it also made me feel a bit homesick! Although the German word Heimweh is better, I think, denoting a longing or a sense of (nostalgic?) pain rather than a sickness. I am certain that the Centre for Irish Studies at Würzburg, with all of its historical Irish associations, will be at the vanguard of academic Irish Studies  in Germany for many years to come. Who knows, it might also help the odd German-based Irish person, whether an academic or not, with their longing for home.
    PD Dr. Fergal Lenehan, Erasmus Coordinator and Research Assistant at Intercultural Studies and Business Communications, University of Jena

    I enjoyed the evening very much […]. The mixture between lecture and music, readings and discussions, information and entertainment made for a lively event. The impressive attendance also testifies to the attractiveness and relevance of Irish Studies.
    Prof. Dr. Engelbert Thaler, Chair of TEFL Methodology, University of Augsburg

    I am very excited that the expansion of close cultural cooperation is still possible in a European sense, in times otherwise associated with Brexit and Corona. I hope that many students at our university and at the schools in our region will be able to benefit from this new partnership.
    StD Friedrich Frenzel, specialist consultant for English with the Lower Franconian representative of the Bavarian ministry of education for grammar schools

    This was a truly lovely kick-off event! It showed the great interest in all things Irish in Würzburg, not only among academics but also among the general population. This was also the best thing about this event for me: it brought together Ireland enthusiasts from near and far, from academia and from beyond the ‘ivory tower’. This was a great taste of (Irish) things to come!
    Prof. Dr. Susanne Mohr, Associate Professor of English Sociolinguistics at the Department of Language and Literature, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway

    It was a pleasure attending the kick-off event and hearing about the impressive developments around Irish studies that the university of my hometown currently undertakes. The kick-off event for ISWÜ was a delightful afternoon and evening that revealed the passion the organizers have for all things Irish. ISWÜ will surely bring vibrant discussions and cultural encounters to Würzburg, intensifing and re-shaping the ties the city and the university have to Ireland and the Irish diaspora. I am looking forward to the multifaceted events to come.
    Marina Fleck, Research Assistant and PhD student of English Literature, Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

    Thank you very much for your great commitment in organising this extraordinary event. As a fan of the Republic of Ireland and its people, but also as an interested follower of the developments in Northern Ireland […], I did not think twice before I signed up. […] With the lectures of Dr. Bracken and Prof. Dr. Achilles I got further insight into the historical background and relationship between Ireland and Würzburg as well as into the influence some outstanding people of this island at the edge of Europe have exerted on the Continent and on many other parts of the world. Thank you also for inviting Colette Bryce and Jan Carson. Both impressed me very much, as they have firsthand experience and processed it so well in poems and prose.
    OStD Sieglinde Herbst, English teacher at Gymnasium Steigerwald-Landschulheim Wiesentheid

    First of all let me congratulate you on the fantastic organisation of the event - I can only imagine how much thought and creativity, time and energy went into the project. And I could feel your heart was in it. Your enthusism was pulpable. You did a great job!
    I thoroughly enjoyed the evening - it was so interesting to listen to all the different speakers; each one of them was excellent and inspiring. 
    All in all I found the event highly successful and am very much looking forward to many great lectures and events in the future.
    […] I am absolutely delighted that both of you had the wisdom and courage to start such a wonderful project. Looking forward to many more events and wishing you every success […].
    Roswitha Böhne, English and PE teacher and Oberstufenbetreuerin at Gymnasium Münchberg