Irish Studies Würzburg

    Theses State Exam for Teachers

    • Sophie Bördlein: "Crossing Borders: Liminality in Pete Hamill's The Invisible City: A New York Sketchbook (1980) and Jan Carson's Postcard Stories (2017)" (Bergmann, completed WS 22/23)
    • Sina Klemm: "The Impact of the Catholic Faith: The Fictional and Historical Portrayal of Irish Women in Sebastian Barry's The Secret Scripture (2008) and Martin Sixsmith's The Lost Child of Philomena Lee (2009)" (Bergmann, completed WS 22/23)
    • Carolin Schwarz: "Erstellung des Kinderbuches Teddy Alex in Ireland über das Leben irischer Kinder" (Eisenmann, completed SS 21)
    • Hedda Grebenkämper: "Victorian Gender Roles Continued? A Feminist Reading of Dead Until Dark (2001) and Twilight (2005), with Reference to Carmilla (1872) and Dracula (1897)" (Bergmann, completed WS 19/20).
    • Michelle Zirkel: "Interkulturelles Lernen an Stationen am Beispiel von Irland" (Eisenmann, completed WS 19/20).
    • Rebecca Weiß: “Disagreement in Irish English” (Schulz, completed WS 18/19).
    • Raphaela Scherer: "Außerschulische Lernorte und interkulturelle Begegnungen - Irland" (Eisenmann, completed SS 18).
    • Gina Bußmann: "Außerschulischer Lernort: Irland" (Eisenmann, completed WS 17/18).