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ISWÜ Newsletter Winter Term 2022/23


Dear colleagues, students, and friends of ISWÜ,
we are delighted to announce the following courses, guest lectures, workshops, author readings and extracurricular activities for the winter term 2022/23:


ISWÜ members will be offering the following courses for students:

  • Prof. Dr. Ina Bergmann: Transatlantic Life Writing #ISWÜ (04093058)
  • Prof. Dr. Maria Eisenmann: Irish Studies in the EFL Classroom #ISWÜ (04097331)
  • Franca Leitner, M.A.: Irish Gothic #ISWÜ (04093344); Crime Fiction: From Edgar Allan Poe to Tana French #ISWÜ (04093344); Immigration in Irish Literature #ISWÜ (04093470)
  • Aimée Waha, M.A.: The Returned Yank – Challenging (Hi)stories #ISWÜ (04093344)
  • PD Dr. Miriam Wallraven: Contemporary Irish Life Writing #ISWÜ (04091400)

For registration (October 4-10, 2022), please see WueStudy:


All participation in ISWÜ courses and events can be documented for students on three ISWÜ certificates, one of them even allowing to earn ECTS for FSQ and Freier Bereich: Irish Studies Würzburg #ISWÜ (04099990). For more information, please see:


We are offering Digital Humanities & Irish Studies internships for JMU students in cooperation with CELT at University College Cork, Ireland. For more information, please see:

Guest Lectures:

  • November 24, 2022, 10-12 am c.t. (CET), Monica Brandis, M.A. (Free University of Bolzano, Italy), "The Children of 'Operation Shamrock': Diverse Experiences and Long-Term Influence of the German Children's Stay with Irish Families Post-WW2"

For more information and registration, please see:

  • December 15, 2022, 10-12 am c.t. (CET), Michelle Zirkel (University of Bamberg, Germany), "Northern Irish Songs in the EFL Classroom"

For more information and registration, please see:

Author Reading:

  • December 6, 2022, 12am-2pm c.t. (CET), "Patrick Freyne, Okay, Let’s Do Your Stupid Idea (2020)"

For more information and registration, please see:


  • January 17, 2023, 12 am-2 pm (CET), Dr. Alessandra Boller (University of Siegen, Germany), "Strange Encounters? – Irish Short Fiction, the Experience of Migration, and (Im)Possible Communities"

For more information and registration, please see:

Invited Lecture:

  • November 14, 2022, 7-9 pm c.t. (CET), Prof. Dr. Ina Bergmann & Prof. Dr. Maria Eisenmann (University of Würzburg, Germany), "Von Irland in die Welt: Der irisch-amerikanische Dramatiker Eugene O’Neill & Der irisch-französische Dramatiker Samuel Beckett"

For more information, please see:

Deutsch-Irische Gesellschaft Würzburg:

A range of extracurricular activities open to all colleagues and students will be organised by our cooperation partner, Deutsch-Irische Gesellschaft Würzburg:


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For the summer term, we are excited to announce that our annual J. M. Synge Lecture on April 20, 2023 will be given by Prof. em. W. J. Mc Cormack (Goldsmiths London, United Kingdom) on "Synge's Ancestral Problems in County Wicklow and Germany, 1893-94, with Some Causes and Consequences." Please stay tuned for more exciting news. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our events.

Prof. Dr. Ina Bergmann, Prof. Dr. Maria Eisenmann, and the whole team of
Irish Studies Würzburg (ISWÜ)