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  • Der Tempelbezirk von Dime
  • Der Bastet-Tempel von Bubastis.
Lehrstuhl für Ägyptologie

Horus Behedety-Project

Video of a 3D visualization of the eastern passage to the couloir mystérieux using the Structure from Motion technique by F. Arzberger and M. Bleier (Chair of Computer Science XVII, JMU Würzburg).

Project leadership: Prof. Dr. Martin Stadler

Project team members:​​​​​​​ Dr. Victoria Altmann-Wendling; Svenja Dirksen, M.A.; PD Dr. Andreas H. Pries; Dr. Carolina Teotino-Tattko (associate member), Mgr. Dorotea Wollnerová

Student assistants​​​​​​​: Julie Henkes, Katharina Otto

The current sub-projects of the Horus Behedety Project are: