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  • Extracts from magical texts in antiquity (Greek, Hieratic, Demotic, Akkadian): British Library P 122; British Museum P Chester Beatty 7 and P Leiden/London, British Museum BM 34065
DFG Centre for Advanced Studies MagEIA

MagEIA Diversity Junior Fellowships

Any Centre for Advanced Studies will champion a diversity of genders, career stages, and family situations, recognizing that this is instrumental for attracting excellent scholars and creating a productive, friendly, and beneficial work environment. MagEIA, however, will strive to foster one further aspect of diversity that is more specific to its research topic. Most text sources that will be studied in the context of MagEIA come from ancient cultures at home in modern states whose education and research infrastructure is significantly less well funded than Germany’s. All three PIs work closely with colleagues in the modern states of West Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean and have considerable experience in supervising and promoting junior researchers from Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Armenia, and many other nations. We are determined to make this well-established culture of diversity a part of MagEIA as well. To support us in this endeavour, the University of Würzburg has agreed to fund the MagEIA Diversity Junior Fellowship as an addition to the Fellows Programme. These scholarships will allow us to invite additional postdoctoral researchers from the regions where MagEIA’s source texts were written and rediscovered, thereby promoting international collaboration in our fields and strengthening the research culture in the states entrusted with the cultural heritage studied by MagEIA.