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  • Extracts from magical texts in antiquity (Greek, Hieratic, Demotic, Akkadian): British Library P 122; British Museum P Chester Beatty 7 and P Leiden/London, British Museum BM 34065
DFG Centre for Advanced Studies MagEIA

Research Areas (RA)

The work of MagEIA is structured by three broadly defined Research Areas (RA). They define and structure the coordinated work programme of the local core teams and facilitate the embedding of the Fellows' projects into the overall research agenda. Each RA is supervised by one of the Principal Investigators (PIs), who also serves as a point of contact for potential Fellows who wish to become involved in the respective Research Area. The three RAs are defined as follows:

  • RA1 Texts (PIs Schwemer & Stadler): Interdisciplinary and comparative study of the magical text traditions of the Ancient Near East, Egypt, and adjacent regions.
  • RA2 Language (PI Kölligan): Emic terminologies for practices and concepts associated with 'magic' and cross-linguistic features of recitation texts in magical text traditions.
  • RA3 Annotation (PI Kölligan): Development of an annotation method for the comparative analysis and presentation of magical texts in various ancient languages.

In RA1, the focus is on the edition and interpretation of texts and their contexts. RA2 initially addresses emic terminologies as part of the global theme Language of Magic in phase 1 of MagEIA. In RA3, the Comparative Philology team is developing a model for the linguistic and contextual annotation of magical texts in close cooperation with the other members of the Centre.