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  • Extracts from magical texts in antiquity (Greek, Hieratic, Demotic, Akkadian): British Library P 122; British Museum P Chester Beatty 7 and P Leiden/London, British Museum BM 34065
DFG Centre for Advanced Studies MagEIA


The first international MagEIA symposium

Actors, Aggressors and Agency in Ancient Magical Texts

will take place at the conference centre Burkardushaus in Würzburg, from 31 October to 2 November 2024.

For registration please use the online form at
Online attendance will be possible.


Thursday 31 October
14:00–15:15 Session 1
14:00   Welcome address
14:15 Christopher Faraone 'And you, o holy chthonic gods, from below send a ghost into the light!' Aeschylus’ Persians 623-71 and the Longue Durée of Ancient Necromancy
14:45 Beatrice Baragli Of Scapegoats, Birds, and the Rest: The King and All His Substitutes in the Mesopotamian Bīt rimki Ritual
15:15–15:45 Coffee break
15:45–16:45 Session 2
15:45 Daniel Kölligan & Saverio Dalpedri Structuring Actors in Magical Texts
16:15 Bernd-Christian Otto CAS-E and MagEIA: Exploring Synchronicities between two Bavarian Centers for Advanced Studies
18:15–21:00 Keynote Lecture and Reception
18:15 Gideon Bohak Conceptualizing Magicians and Witches in the Ancient World
19:30   Reception
Friday 1 November
9:00–10:30 Session 3
9:00 Sara Chiarini The Social Agency of Ancient Curse Tablets
9:30 Theresa Roth & Matthias Donners Conceptualizations and Linguistic Representations of Antagonicity in (Gallo-)Roman Curse Tablets
10:00 Jessica Lamont Early Greek Magic in Sicily: Divinities, the Dead, and Human Participants
10:30–11:00 Coffee break
11:00–12:30 Session 4
11:00 Rüdiger Schmitt Witches as Actors in the Hebrew Bible: Mysogynic Polemics and/or Female Healers?
11:30 Charlotte Rose Egyptian Women and their Gods vs. the Evil Dead and their Demons
12:00 Frank Simons Get Them to Do the Easy Bits – The Division of Labour in Šurpu and Other Rituals
12:30–14:30 Lunch break
14:30–16:00 Session 5
14:30 Gaby Abou Samra A New Syriac Manichaean Magical Bowl
15:00 Mersha A. Mengistie Unlocking the Power of Words: The Codex as a Sacred Vessel in Ethiopian Magical Rituals
15:30 Dan Levene The Ethiopic Lefafe Tsedeq, a Text and Object that is the Locus of Ritual Performance
16:00–16:30 Coffee break
16:30–18:00 Session 6
16:30 Jon Beltz "Be Adjured by Heaven, Be Adjured by Earth:” Oath Language in Mesopotamian Incantations
17:00 Susanne Töpfer Magical Aspects in Some Temple Rituals for the Protection of Pharaoh from Tebtunis
17:30 Svenja Nagel Pharaoh, Help Thyself! Empowering the King against Enemies and Dangers in the Pyramid Texts
19:30   Conference dinner
Saturday 2 November
9:30–10:30 Session 7
9:30 Sofía Torallas Tovar Dream requests in the magical formularies
10:00 Elyze Zomer Stranger Things? New Insights into the Corpus of Kultmittelbeschwörungen
10:30–11:00 Coffee break
11:00–12:45 Session 8
11:00 Daniel Schwemer Twin, Exorcist, and Ruler of the World. The Remarkable Career of a Valiant Doorkeeper
11:30 Giulia Torri Divine Intervention in Hittite ritual Practice
12:00 Martin Stadler Actors, Aggressors, and Agency in the Horus Temple of Edfu: The North Wall of the Enclosure Wall
12:30   Concluding remarks and farewell