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    Ancient Near Eastern Studies


    Akkadian Texts 1/1

    Course identification: 04-AO-AKKL1/1
    Class hours per week: 2
    ECTS points: 5
    Duration: 1 semester
    Course offering: winter semester
    Level: BA, second year

    Seminar: Akkadian Texts 1/1

    The course offers an introduction to the younger literary language of Akkadian, so-called Neo-Babylonian (Standard Babylonian). The readings emphasize Akkadian epic and mythological texts, such as the canonical version of the Gilgameš Epic, Ištar's Descent to the Netherworld, the Legend of Sargon's Birth and the Anzû Myth. A selection of literary texts of the Old Babylonian period may be studied (e.g. the Old Babylonian version of the Gilgameš Epic). Knowledge of Babylonian mythology and theology will be conveyed through the text readings.

    Learning objectives:
    The student should possess knowledge of the structure and characteristics of Neo-Babylonian (Standard Babylonian), with special emphasis on the criteria which are decisive for the analysis of forms. He/She will be able to transliterate and translate the Neo-Babylonian literary and historical texts assigned in class, and comment upon their content, form and style. With the help of dictionaries and sign lists, he/she will also be able to transliterate, translate and classify the contents of Neo-Babylonian texts beyond the class curriculum.

    1 research paper (3000-3500 words).