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Ancient Near Eastern Studies


Introduction to Archaeological Practice 1

Course identification: 04-VA-FTVA
Class hours per week: 2
ECTS points: 5
Duration: 1 semester
Course offering: -
Level: BA


Übung: Introduction to Archaeological Practice 1

The module offers an introduction to fieldwork techniques and terminology of Near Eastern Archaeology. It focuses on a systematic and critical assessment of various methods of excavation, analysis and documentation, sur vey, mapping, archaeological prospection as well as photogrammetric and graphic documentation (e. g. Structure-from-Motion, 3D-modelling, etc.).

Learning objectives:
The module introduces students to archaeological fieldworking techniques and to various methods of analysis, documentation and evaluation. They will learn to apply the basic procedures of archaeological fieldwork and to critically assess their methodological implications.

written protocol (approx. 10 pages)