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Ancient Near Eastern Studies


Introduction to Digital Practice in Ancient Studies

Course identification: 04-VA-GDP
Class hours per week: 2
ECTS points: 5
Duration: 1 semester
Course offering: -
Level: BA


Übung: Introduction to Digital Practice in Ancient Studies

The module provides an overview of existing digital resources and tools in the fields of Near Eastern Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies and compares their potential for use. It introduces basic strategies of systematic collection and structuring of data (tables, databases, markup with metadata) as well as the possibilities of their quantitative analysis (statistics), visualization, and communication within and outside academia. Archaeological and philological data and historical contexts from ancient Western Asia will serve as case studies. A transfer to other disciplines or to the broad field of Digital Humanities is easily possible.

Learning objectives:
Acquisition of methodological skills in the fields of digital collection building, data cleaning, analysis and vi sualization of ancient sources. The module provides basic proficiencies to carry out independent, digitally sup ported research in Ancient Studies. It provides an initial overview of the existing research and methodological landscape, focuses on practical relevance, and promotes early application of independent strategies to acquire knowledge through the competent handling of quantifiable data.

a) presentation (approx. 45 minutes) with handout (1 to 2 pages) or
b) term paper (2,000 to 2,500 words excluding bibliography) or
c) practical project (30 hours total)