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Ancient Near Eastern Studies


Material Culture of Western Asia A

Course identification: 04-VA-MKWA
Class hours per week: 2
ECTS points: 5
Duration: 1 semester
Course offering: -
Level: BA


Seminar: Material Culture of Western Asia A

The module teaches contents of Near Eastern Archaeology with a changing thematic focus. It examines characteristic settlement patterns, genres of finds and monuments and discusses possibilities of their interpretation, research history, contextualization and chronology, taking into account the current state of research. In addition to thematic knowledge, students acquire basic skills in scientific practice, archaeological methodology and presentation techniques.

Learning objectives:
The module conveys research-based specialist knowledge and promotes the students' ability to think, judge and express themselves by preparing an oral and written presentation on a given topic. Students are encouraged to critically examine research opinions, synthesize information, and reflect on diverse sources. They acquire the ability to deal with scientific issues independently and thus expand and apply their specialized knowledge.

presentation (approx. 30 minutes) with handout (1 to 2 pages) and research paper (3,000 to 3,500 words excluding bibliography)