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Ancient Near Eastern Studies


Internship Near Eastern Archaeology

Course identification: 04-VA-PRAK
Class hours per week: 2
ECTS points: 5
Duration: -
Course offering: -
Level: BA


Praktikum: Internship Near Eastern Archaeology

The module comprises either participation in an archaeological excavation in the Near East or an internship at an external scientific institution (e.g. museum etc.) with a thematic focus related to Ancient Near Eastern Archaeolo gy. Students can participate in field projects conducted by the Ancient Near Eastern Studies at Würzburg as well as in projects organised by external institutions. Participation in external projects and internships is to be organi sed by the students themselves.

Learning objectives:
Under expert supervision, students learn the practice and methods of archaeological fieldwork in the Near East or how to assess topics and objects of Ancient Near Eastern archaeology, for example, in a museum environment.

written report (approx. 10 pages)