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    Visual Multispecies Storytelling

    On this page you will find projects that present multispecies stories in visual ways.

    We are looking for further graduation projects to present on the website and at the conference.

    Please send your project description to multispecies.conference@uni-wuerzburg.de


    »Das Knäuel Meer«.

    A collection of drafts for a different perception of the sea

    While the extent of the overexploitation of the sea is becoming more and more apparent, it remains at the same time a symbol of infinity. I would like to counter this perception of the infinite sea with another one: That of a multiplicitous, fragile sea. The sea is not eternal and not infinite, it is a finite, changing web of relationships , beings and things, constantly coming into being and passing away.

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    Metamorphoses of Life - MIMESE

    Installation | Photography | Animation

     "I have already noticed that the plant parts, stones, branches, etc. from the various regions and collected during various seasons used for the animations achieve very different visual results and thus reflect the vegetation and typical colouring of a landscape. This creates completely different new species, so-called cre(n)atures, in each experiment. "

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