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    Ancient Near Eastern Studies


    Field Trip

    Course identification: 04-AO-EXKU
    Class hours per week: 2
    ECTS points: 5
    Duration: 1 semester
    Course offering: summer semester
    Level: BA, first or second year

    Seminar: Field Trip

    The seminar offers an introduction to the ancient Near Eastern collection of a museum or to the historical sites of a specific region of the Near East. Understanding of the monuments will be acquired in advance and the monuments themselves studied on site under the guidance of students and instructors. 

    Learning objectives:
    The student will possess an overview of the ancient Near Eastern monuments of a museum or region of the Near East and acquire detailed knowledge of selected groups of monuments. He/she will study original monuments of the ancient Near East.

    Presentation (45 minutes) with handout (4–6 pages)