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    Ancient Near Eastern Studies


    Sumerian Texts 1

    Course identification: 04-AO-SUML1
    Class hours per week: 2
    ECTS points: 5
    Duration: 1 semester
    Course offering: winter semester
    Level: BA, third year

    Seminar: Sumerian Texts 1

    This module introduces the student to more difficult Sumerian texts from various epochs of the development of the Sumerian language and deepens his/her knowledge of Sumerian grammar. The text readings emphasize archival texts, especially legal documents, letters and administrative documents from the Old Sumerian and Ur III periods. During the course of the text readings, knowledge of the history of law, economy and society of Mesopotamia of the 3rd and early 2nd millennia BC will be conveyed.

    Learning objectives:
    The student will possess detailed knowledge of the grammar and vocabulary of Sumerian in its various historical stages. He/she will be able to transliterate, translate and comment upon the form and content of the texts read or assigned in class. The student will possess the ability to transliterate, translate and classify the contents of simple Sumerian archival texts beyond the class curriculum with the help of dictionaries and sign lists.  

    Research paper (3000-3500 words).