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Ancient Near Eastern Studies


Basics of Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Tutorials on Akkadian Grammar

Course identification: 04-AO-AOE
Class hours per week: 3
ECTS points: 5
Duration: 1 semester
Course offering: winter semester
Level: BA, first year

Übung: Basics of Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Content (1 hour):
Complementary to the module Introductory Akkadian 1, this course offers an introduction to the methods and tools of ancient Near Eastern studies, as well as to scholarly methods in general. 

Übung: Tutorials on Akkadian Grammar

Content (2 hours):
The course serves to practice and deepen the knowledge of Akkadian grammar acquired in the module Introductory Akkadian 1.

Learning objectives (entire module):
The student will possess the ability to use the most important tools of ancient Near Eastern studies (encyclopaedias, bibliographies, significant journals, web-based tools). He/she will possess basic knowledge of scholarly methods in the field of ancient Near Eastern studies (scholarly writing, developing arguments, techniques for bibliographies and research, proper citation and plagiarism, using sources). The student will possess knowledge of the structure of the Akkadian language, with stress on the criteria important for the analysis of forms. He/she will be able (1) to create reasonable genitive constructions from given nouns and translate these, (2) to combine given substantives with pronominal suffixes and translate these, (3) to render verbal forms given in transliteration with a bound transcription, analyze and translate these forms, (4) to name the phonetic values of simple cuneiform signs, (5) to transliterate, transcribe and translate simple practice sentences.

Examination (entire module):

Research paper (2000-2500 Wörter).