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Ancient Near Eastern Studies


Archaeology and History of Western Asia E

Course identification: 04-VA-AGWE
Class hours per week: 2
ECTS points: 5
Duration: 1 semester
Course offering: -
Level: BA


Vorlesung: Archaeology and History of Western Asia E

Basic introduction to the history of ancient Western Asia (= countries of today's Near and Middle East) based on archaeological sources. Module C of the six-part lecture cycle (entry possible at any time) introduces to the La te Bronze Age period. The focus lies on processes of change in the coexistence of social groups. These become archaeologically tangible in building and settlement patterns, in burial practices, in material and visual culture as well as through scientific analyses. The geographical scope covered ranges from the eastern Mediterranean coast to Central Asia and from Anatolia to the south of the Arabian Peninsula. The lecture provides an overview of the chronological structure, regional and supra-regional developments, and specific phenomena according to the archaeological record and the current state of research. The lecture will present important sites, monuments and researchers, and will refer students to research literature on specific periods and problems.

Learning objectives:
The module provides facts and contexts, i.e. research-based knowledge on the early history of Western Asia ba sed on archaeological sources. In addition, students gain insights into the archaeological and intellectual pro cesses that led to the current state of research.

a) written examination (approx. 30 to 60 minutes) or
b) oral examination of one candidate each (approx. 10 minutes)