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Ancient Near Eastern Studies



2022 Purifying a House from Blood. A Hittite Ritual for the Ancient gods (CTH 446). Columbus, GA: Lockwood.

(forthcoming) The land of Kizzuwatna. History of Cilicia in the second millennium BCE until the Hittite conquest BCE (ca. 2000-1350).

II. Artikel und Beiträge

2022 “The Hittite land grant of ‘Tabarna’ from Tarsus: context and history”, in M. Béranger - F. Nebiolo - N. Ziegler (ed.) Dieux, rois et capitales dans le Proche-Orient ancien. Compte rendu de la LXVe Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale (Paris, 8-12 juillet 2019) (PIPOAC 5), pp. 313-333. Leuven/Paris/Bristol: Peeters.

2020 “The “sacred city” of Kınık Höyük: continuity and change in Cappadocia (Turkey) between the Late Achaemenid and Late Hellenistic periods”, (First author, with L. d’Alfonso) in W. Held (ed.) The transition from the Achaemenid to the Hellenistic Period in the Levant, Cyprus, Cilicia: Cultural Interruption or Continuity? Symposion at Phillips-Universität Marburg, October 12-15, 2017 (Marburger Beiträge zur Archäologie 6), 65-81. Marburg.

2019 “Notes on the use of the sign URBS (L.255) in Anatolian Hieroglyphic”, Altorientalische Forschungen 46/2, 1-21.

2015 "Hittites (Society)" in D.C. Allison Jr. et al. (eds.), Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception, 11, Halah-Hizquni. Leiden-Boston.

III. Artikel und Beiträge (in Zusammenarbeit)

2022 “Spazio pubblico e privato a Kınık Höyük in Epoca Ellenistica. Hellenistik Kınık Höyük'te Kamusal ve Özel Alan”, in Lo spazio pubblico, lo spazio privato. XI Convegno sul Contributo italiano a scavi, ricerche e studi nelle missioni archeologiche in Turchia. Atti del convegno 2020, 155-169. Istanbul. (with B. Yolaçan, L. d’Alfonso)

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2015 “Kınık Höyük ve çevresinde tapınma etkinlikleri konusunda ortaya çıkanlar / Evidenze di pratiche cultuali a Kınık Höyük e dintorni”, in Arkeoloji ve Sanat 148. (with A. Lanaro – L. d’Alfonso)

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IV. Ausgrabungsberichte

2018 “Archaeological excavations at Niğde-Kınık Höyük: excavation report 2017, Kazı Sonuçları Toplantısı 40/2, 569-590. (with L. d’Alfonso et al.)

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V. Übersetzungen

2017 M. Liverani, Assyria: the Imperial Mission (Mesopotamian Civilizations 21). Eisenbrauns. (English translation from Italian, original edition: Assiria. La preistoria dell’imperialismo, Laterza. Translated with Dr. Jonathan Valk)