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European Ethnology

Vegetal Turn: New perspectives on human-plant relationships

Vegetal Turn: New perspectives on human-plant relationships

Dr Arnika Peselmann

Humans and plants are connected in many ways: These connections have become even more visible through the current ecological crises and have awakened an interest in vegetal life and the interactions of humans and plants as well as other forms of life even beyond natural science subjects. The ontological re-perspectivisation of plants as powerful agents that are not only the object of human practices such as breeding, cultivating, consuming, collecting or exhibiting, but also shape and have shaped human everyday life in many ways, has led to the development of new cultural and social science research contexts. These are increasingly establishing themselves as part of Multispecies Studies and Environmental Humanities under terms such as Human Plant Studies or Cultural Studies of Plants


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    Dr. Arnika Peselmann

The two-semester colloquium presents current research from these fields and asks about cognitive interests, emerging methodological approaches and questions of the representation of plant life forms as well as the sounding out and crossing of disciplinary boundaries that go hand in hand with this "vegetal turn".

winter semester 2023/24

Prof. Dr. Michaela Fenske und Dr. Arnika Peselmann