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Chair of Comparative Philology

The Lexicon-Grammar Interface in the Synchrony and Diachrony of Armenian

Workshop on Armenian Linguistics, April 4–5, 2022


April 4, 2022
13:00–13:10 Opening Remarks
13:10–13:50 R. MEYER Be, become or remain : the grammaticalisation of the copulative perfect in Classical Armenian
13:50–14:30 R. KIM A lonely monk? Armenian evidence for the pattern of Greek πατήρ : εὐ-πάτωρ
14:30–15:10 B. OLSEN Dissymmetry in phonological development – an example from Armenian
Coffee break
15:30–16:10 V. MARTZLOFF Arm. mtanem, emowt
16:10–16:50 P. KOCHAROV The Classical Armenian causative
16:50–17:30 P. WIDMER Tracing the Roots of Armenian: Heritage and Area
17:30–... Informal discussions
April 5, 2022
13:00–13:40 V. KHURSHUDIAN, A. DONABEDIAN Digitizing Armenian linguistic heritage: Armenian multivariational corpus and data processing (“DALiH”)
13:40–14:20 J. GIPPERT The Development of Literacy in the Caucasian Territories(“DeLiCaTe”)
13:40–14:20 H. SARGSYAN Loanword derivation in Armenian texts of the 17-19th centuries: Turkic and Persian loans
Coffee break
15:20–16:00 H. MARTIROSYAN Armenian body part names
16:00–16:40 D. KÖLLIGAN Groł, grič' and other agents
16:40–17:20 A. SCALA Lexical semantics and plural inflection: data and reflections from the Armenian dialect of K'esab
17:20–17:30 Closing remarks
17:30–... Informal discussion