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Chair of Comparative Philology

Dr. Mark Darling

Research associate

Oswald-Külpe-Weg 84
D-97074 Würzburg

Research interests

Celtic languages and philology; Indo-European historical phonology and morphology; corpus linguistics.

Short biography

Mark Darling studied Classics at the University of Cambridge (BA 2010-2013; MPhil 2014-2015; PhD 2015-2020), where he specialised in comparative Indo-European linguistics. During his graduate studies, his work focussed on the historical phonology and morphology of the Celtic branch of Indo-European, culminating in his PhD thesis, The Subjunctive in Celtic: Studies in Historical Phonology and Morphology. After his PhD, Mark worked as a lecturer in Cambridge, teaching Indo-European, Latin, and Celtic historical linguistics, before taking up a position at the University of Oxford as a Postdoctoral Researcher in Celtic Linguistics on the AHRC-DFG project The history of pronominal subjects in northern Europe, developing a parsed historical corpus of the Irish language to investigate the causes of the partial loss of the null subject parameter in Irish.