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    03.05. - Vortragsreihe Designanthropologie


    Carolyn Kerchof and Caylee Raber

    From Zeitgeist to Perspectives: Publishing Projects in Long-Term Care 


    The magazine Zeitgeist: Zeitschrift für Storytelling und altersgerechte Gestaltung was published by the Alterszentren Stadt Zürich in Switzerland as a way to, among other aims, develop a holistic understanding of what accessible, intergenerational design entails. Inspired in part by the Zeitgeist, the Perspectives program at Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Canada brings design students together with people living in care homes to write and design publications. In their presentation and discussion, Carolyn Kerchof (from Zeitgeist) and Caylee Raber (from Perspectives) will explore possibilities for intergenerational storytelling, publishing, and graphic design. They will discuss the benefits of such programs for both students and people living in care homes, and provide suggestions for how similar activities could be conducted in your communities.



    Carolyn Kerchof is a US-American writer and designer, whose main focus lies in community building through collaborative print periodicals, particularly in elder care contexts. 

    Caylee Raber is a Canadian design researcher and teacher and the Director of the Health Design Lab at Emily Carr University of Art & Design.



      03.05.21, 16:00 Uhr

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