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Sacrality and power: The tradition of the Śaṅkarācāryas of Śṛṅgerī

The Śaṅkarācāryas  of Śṛṅgerī (Karnataka, Chikkamagaluru district) are considered the representatives of the Southern tradition of the Śāṅkara sampradāya, as evidenced by the designation of their maṭha as śrī-śrī-jagadguru śaṅkarācārya mahāsaṃsthānam dakṣināmnāya śrī śāradā pīṭham.

This long-term project focuses on Sanskrit texts of various periods on the history of the institution or the various incumbents, their duties and important rituals. The findings of the texts are supplemented by field research and observations of current festivals, rituals and traditions. Central to the study are questions about the interplay of sacrality, power and legitimacy and the tension between textual transmission and performance.
Keywords: Hinduism, ritual, Sanskrit, Śāṅkara sampradāya, Advaita.

Researcher: Karin Steiner