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    ICAS:MP TM5 Fellows (The Challenge of Gender):

    • in the Academic Year 2020/2021

    Dr. Heena (Fellow): The Working Women in Pre-Modern India (1750s-1850s)


    • in the Academic Year 2019/2020

    Dr. Anindita Chatterjee (Fellow): Uneasy Coexistence: Religion and Patterns of Exclusion of Female Migrant Domestic Workers in Homes and Public Spaces

    Prof. Dr. Shirin M. Rai (Senior Fellow): Depletion: The Human Cost of Caring


    • in the Academic Year 2018/2019

    Dr. Elena Valdameri (Fellow): Physical Education and Femininity in India (1900s – 1950s): Global Trends and Local Politics towards Crafting Women Citizens

    Dr. Christa Wichterich (Senior Fellow): Who Cares? Care Extractivism, State & Gendered Subjectivities in India – The Case of Scheme Workers and Nurses


    • during the Pre-Phase (2017-2018)

    Dr. Emilija Zabiliute: Women’s Health and Gender Equality: How Global Health is Refracted in Everyday Health Interventions

    Dr. Radhika Kumar: Gender, Caste and Political Representation: The Case of Dalit Women panchayat Members in the State of Haryana


    • during the Pre-Phase (2016-2017)

    Dr. Elena Borghi (with follow-up fellowship at MWK Erfurt): Unaided by Men, They Will Discover their Won Strength. Women’s Associations and the formulation of new norms in late colonial India”(1917-1947)

    Dr. Teresa Segura Garcia: Performing gender in princely educational spaces