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Information on the hybrid winter semester 2020/21


The university has decided to go forth with a hybrid term in the winter term 2020/21. This means that classes will take place face to face as well as online, within the sanitary regulations. We are currently reorganizing our schedules and programs in accordance with these possibilities and requirements. The overall goal is to allow as many face to face classes as possible. Yet as the sanitary regulations lead to a reduction in numbers of students that may use classrooms and no classes with more than 30 students are allowed, we have prioritized classes. Language classes and first term classes in all programs have the highest priority, content classes of first term students and language classes of higher term students are next in priority. We expect that all intensive courses will take place as regular classes. For the following classes we have now applied for classrooms (please checked the attached excel sheet).

We expect to get rooms for most of these classes, a final decision is expected only by mid September. According to the rooms we will get, we may see a cap for participants in some elective classes. Furthermore, class times may differ from the current schedule. We will give an introduction to all first term students within the intensive courses, all other students will receive information online as a regular introductory meeting will not be possible.

For more information on the hybrid winter term please also check the university's official site.