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Symposium: Asian Medicine – Traditions and Application

13th of December 2003

In recent years, Various forms of traditional Asian medicine have become increasingly popular in the West. Especially in this age of mechanization and fast-paced life, the Asian concept of body and mind has been able to secure a firm place in our society as an alternative, holistic healing concept. But the increasing popularity of these traditions also harbours dangers of misunderstanding and misinterpretation.

The lecture series ‘Asian Medicine – Traditions and Application’ is therefore intended to provide an examination of the history of traditional medicine in China, Japan and India. The following contributions are included in the lecture series:

  • “Zur frühen Entwicklung der chinesischen Medizin. Neue archäologische Funde zu Akupunktur, Arzneimitteltherapie und Qigong” (Dr. Ute Engelhardt)
  • “Traditionen der Heilkunst und des Körperverständnisses in Japan” (PD Dr. Ingrid Fritsch)
  • “Ayurveda-Therapie: Ideengeschichte der Ganzheitlichkeit” (Elmar Stapelfeldt, M. A.)