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Sinologie in Würzburg

Jonas Lindner, M.Sc.

Chair China Business and Economics, Research Assistant

Jonas Lindner is a research and teaching assistant at the Chair of China Business and Economics.


Jonas Lindner studied 'Modern China' and 'China Business and Economics' at the University of Würzburg. During his studies he spent a semester at Peking University, a semester at National Taiwan University, and two semesters at Beijing Normal University. He graduated with a thesis on the relationship between income inequality, consumption, and economic growth in China.

Field of Research

In his doctoral dissertation, Jonas Lindner researches economic inequality in China. His further research interests lie in the fields of sustainable development and political economy.


Winter term 2019/20

Consumerism and Marketing

Case Studies

Summer term 2020

China's Firms in Global Markets

Management in China

Winter term 2020/21

Business and Finance

Case Studies

Summer term 2021

Methodological Questions of Chinese Economic Research

Case Studies

Winter term 2021/22

Business and Finance

Case Studies

Summer term 2022

Methodological Questions of Chinese Economics Research

Winter term 2022/23

Challenges of Sustainable Development

Consumerism and Marketing

Case Studies

Chinese Economic Discourse Analyses