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Sinologie in Würzburg

Raffaela Rettinger, M.A.

Chair of East Asian Cultural History, Research Assistant


Raffaela Rettinger holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Sinology and a Certificate in Intercultural Communication from Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (LMU). During her bachelor’s program, she spent a semester abroad at Beijing Normal University, China. Furthermore, as recipient of a one-year PROSA-scholarship she further deepened her Chinese Studies research as well as her knowledge of Japanese language and culture at Osaka University, Japan. She graduated 2021 with a study on premodern Chinese literature. Since September 2021 she has been a research and teaching assistant at the Sinology department of JMU.

Field of Research

In her dissertation project she explores the influence of tattoos within Chinese history and sociopolitical contexts by looking into (mostly premodern) vernacular narrative, linking it with legal and historical texts and findings. She especially focuses on the concepts of individualism and self-depiction, authority and power, honor and shame, ownership, corporeality, and regionalism.

Academic Areas

Chinese literature, mythology, intellectual history, etymology, cultural and social history of the late imperial era, comparative literature (with a special focus on China and Japan), interculturalism.

Past Courses

Winter term 2021-22: Chinese Heroes