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ASQ: Sinicum

The Chair of East Asian Cultural History at the Sinology department of the University of Würzburg offers a study element, called Sinicum, which provides basic language training in Chinese.

On the one hand, the Sinicum can be understood as a supplementary accompanying study element to another degree programme, on the other, it can also be taken as an independent unit for guest students. The Sinicum allows you to acquire language skill, as well as basic knowledge in regional studies and the history of China.

The content of the Sinicum comprises 23 semester hours, spread over three semesters. A two-part final examination is taken, which does not correspond to a full university degree, but does award a certificate.

The intensive language course before the semester begins is a compulsory part of the Sinicum study element.

During the fourth semester, students have the opportunity to study at the European Chinese Language and Culture Programme (ECLC) in Beijing, where all academic achievements will be recognized. The written part of the final examination in the Sinicum can also be taken in Beijing.

By optimally organizing your study programme, you can also complete the Sinicum in three semesters.

Study Plan for the Study Element Sinicum

First Semester  
Intensive Language Course 6 SWS
Modern Chinese 1 3 SWS
Sinicum Content (Module: Introduction to China and Its Society, People's Republic of China 1*) 4 SWS
Second Semester  
Modern Chinese 2 3 SWS
Sinicum Content (Module: History of China 1*) 2 SWS
Third Semester  
Modern Chinese 3 3 SWS
Sinicum Content (Module: History of China 2*) 2 SWS
Total: 23 hours per week
* Other courses can also be taken on request.  


You must register by 15th of August of the respective year. You can download the registration form here: PDF, OpenDocument, Word.

For the start date and further information on the compulsory intensive language course, pleasecheck news/deadlines on our homepage. Should we receive a high number of registrations, a lottery procedure will decide on your acceptance to the course.