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Sinologie in Würzburg


From the winter term 2019/20 onwards, a Korea module (Koreanicum) will be established at the Sinology department in cooperation with the Korea Foundation. As part of the Koreanicum and the visiting professorship financed by the Korea Foundation, content courses on Korean culture and history, as well as language courses, will be offered. These courses can be chosen by all students of the University of Würzburg as a General Key Qualification (ASQ). Upon completion of all courses, the certificate certifies that a sum of 16 hours per semester were taken as part of the Koreanicum.

Starting with the winter term 2022/23 all modules that part of the Koreanicum will also be integrated into the new minor study program East Asia BA 60.

The courses are aimed at all students of the University of Würzburg. Previous knowledge of Korea or the language is not necessary. New courses start always with the winter semester. The registration deadline is the 15th of September each year.

Study Plan for the Study Element Koreanicum

[Translate to Englisch:] 1. Semester  
Korean Language 1.1 2 SWS
Korean Culture and Art (1/2) 2 SWS
2. Semester  
Korean Language 1.2 2 SWS
Korean Culture and Art (2/2) 2 SWS
3. Semester  
Korean Language 2.1 2 SWS
Korean History and Society (1/2) 2 SWS
4. Semester  
Korean Language 2.2 2 SWS
Korean History and Society (2/2) 2 SWS
Total 16 hours per week

On modules

Korean language classes are split between two modules (Korean Language 1 and 2), which will be each taught for two terms. In addition the modules Korean Culture and Art and Korean History and Society are offered. In the past classes like "Budddhist Art of Korea", "Korean Architecture", "Calligraphy & Literati Paintings" as well as "Handicraft" have been taught as part of the Korean Culture and Art module. Classes like "From Korean Antiquity until Unified Silla", "Goryeo & Joseon", "Korean Geography and Politics" and "The Korean Empire & Colinial Times" have been part of the Korean History and Society module.



Please send a non-binding registration by e-mail to Susanna Schler ( If you have further questions you may contact Michael Leibold or Heyryun Koh.