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Veröffentlichung: Andrea Funk, "Crowdfunding in China: A New Institutional Economics Approach"


Wir möchten Sie auf die Veröffentlichung der Dissertation "Crowdfunding in China: A New Institutional Economics Approach" von Andrea Funk aufmerksam machen, die am Lehrstuhl für China Business and Economics entstanden ist.

Zum Inhalt: China is currently the front-runner on the global crowdfunding market, even though this form of financing originated in the USA. Crowdfunding in China, however, differs significantly from its counterpart in the West. This book reveals that Chinese crowdfunding is a product of the country’s dynamic internet sector, which is based on mobile internet, e-commerce, and online/mobile payments, together with significant government support. The author presents a comprehensive theoretical, empirical and field-based work on crowdfunding in China. Adopting a new institutional economics approach, it maps and deciphers the origins and paths of informal finance that have led to internet finance and the rise of crowdfunding platforms. In addition, three case studies are analyzed and their implications for crowdfunding stakeholders in China are discussed.

Weitere Informationen zur Veröffentlichung finden Sie auf den Seiten von Springer.