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Postclassical Greek Network (PGN)

Within the Postclassical Greek Network (PGN) eight meetings are proposed. Six meetings will be held via Zoom and two in person, one at the University of Cologne and one at the University of Würzburg, respectively. The online meetings will consist of one to three keynote speeches on a specific topic followed by an open discussion. The meetings in presence will have a duration of one day and the format of a round table led by the network organisers.

The PGN plans a thematic publication and numerous (online and in person) events over the next two years in order to continue the discussion of the First Postclassical Greek Conference Cologne (PGCC 1), to address further research questions related to the network topic and to set up a scientific community.

Organising committee: Dr. Giuseppina di Bartolo (University of Cologne) and Prof. Dr. Daniel Kölligan (University of Würzburg).