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SoSe 2019: Der dritte Intake aus Ägypten zu Gast in Würzburg

Der dritte Intake März-August 2019 zu Gast in Würzburg

Nach einem Jahr Pause startete der dritte Intake am 01. März sein Austauschsemester in Würzburg, finanziert durch den DAAD. Aml, Mariem, Khaled und Mahmoud begannen ihren Aufenthalt mit einem Monat Sprachkurs, bevor sie Ende April ihr Studium der Museumswissenschaften begannen. Auf dieser Seite berichten wir von ihren Erfahrungen. 

Drei Fragen an unsere ägyptischen Gast-Studierenden

Was waren Eure ersten Eindrücke von Deutschland?


First impression for me from some aspect: The weather is cold but very nice. In Würzburg all things are green around me and give me comfort and peace of mind. I noticed the amazing historical buildings, I felt like I’m Alice in Wonderland. Germany has been giving me many surprises (and a few confirmations) each day, I would say Germans are very warm and cultured people, extremely disciplined and true to their commitment.


Visiting a new place is always an impressing mechanism, new people, new culture and experience. The first impressions wer about green spaces and gardens which are marvelous and convenient for relaxing. As well as architecture of the castle and ancient churches. likewise I fell in love with German bakery.


Firstly, it was a great chance for me to study in one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in Germany “Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg”, also to have an experience with another culture. Before I came to Germany, I was having many thoughts about Germany. When I arrived I find most of this thoughts were right, which was a surprise for me. The first German word I learnt was “pünktlich". I found everything in Germany is on the time, such as buses or any appointment. Also, I began to discover the German society and living, which summarized its working in five days and  enjoyed the weekend. But the problem for me was that all shops close at 7pm, which is not common in Egypt.

Was werdet Ihr vermissen, wenn Ihr wieder zuhause seid?


All my professors. I will miss the companions I have gained in Germany especially Elisabeth Harder and Lea Sophie Formhals. Greenery and calm.


The things that I miss most are the library in the university, my free visits to new museums, also the life in the student dorm.


After six months in Germany, I will miss many things in Germany, especially all university professors and my German friends. Also, walking between the gardens and listening to the music street shows. I miss beautiful German bakeries and the festivals in Würzburg, such as Kiliani festival.


I will miss many things in Germany when I come back to Egypt such as the very nice friends, the colleagues in Museology departments and smac museum, the German super markets and the German goods and the German streets.

Was war neu für Euch im Bereich Museologie an der Universität Würzburg?


Academic Workshops. Technique of making exhibition modeling. Types of exhibition in German museums. This opportunity is more than valuable, I learned different methods to enhance the museum profile through well-planned exhibits, documentation system, and visitors experience and to create a reasonable community outreach. The library of Würzburg University and all huge numbers of publication, references and books. Gained  knowledge and skills by participating in this internship were definitely inspiring to choose German museums as a comparative study case with Egyptian museums to develop and improve the museums exhibition in Egypt that i will discuss in my thesis which I will submit to Helwan University.


It was a great opportunity to have the experience studying in Germany, a new and diverse system of schoolwork. The things I liked most about studying museology at Würzburg University were not only information but also group projects and the way of teamwork planning. Technology workshops in museums, as well as model making of exhibitions, were among the most interesting lectures during the study. Furthermore exhibition analysis and excursions. In fact, I owe to this scholarship thanks and gratitude towards modifying my point of view in life and seeing new horizons.


Studying here in Germany will be very useful for after my return back to Egypt according to my work in the Grand Egyptian Museum. I had very rich information from German professors in different subjects related to museum work and by many presentations in cooperation with German colleagues, which gave me the chance to exchange experience from each other. Also, staying in Germany gave me the chance to visit many museums in Germany and around Europe which added to me a lot of experience in practical parts.

Also: In the last month I had an internship in one German museum: “Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum”. Through this month I worked in different departments in the museum. So, I will try to use all knowledge, which I gained through this month in my work in Egypt and I will try to transfer it to my colleagues in Egypt.


It was a big hope for me to get such time in a country like Germany, and yes I get the chance to spend whole semester in Wurzburg University, yes six month in Europe and specifically in Germany started from 1st of March and ended in 31th of August and I got many benefits I will try to summarize it :

1- Enrich my study through valuable lectures in Museology department, Wurzburg University that cover many topics in the museum studies and that will be very important and essential in my job career as I am currently working in the Grand Egyptian museum project which is very promising project.

2- Extend my knowledge through viewing many references in the University library which is a really very powerful library.

3- Broadened my mind by interacting with the German society, which has a diversity of different people and cultures.

4- Spending a good time through volunteer work to translate to Syrian refugees and helping them.

5- Travelling to different cities in Germany such as Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Chemnitz and Munich that also was a good time and gave me the opportunity to visit other museums to see other expertise in the museum management and collection of the museums.

6- Get a very precious opportunity to get an internship in smac museum in Chemnitz, Germany for one month that also gave me the chance to look and watch in details the management process and exhibition designing process and Education activities in the museum.

Khaled Abd Elrady im Praktikum, Roemer-Pelizaeus Museum Hildesheim

Nachdem das Semester zu Ende ist, beginnen unserer DAAD-Stipendiaten ihre Praktika in verschiedenen Häusern. Khaled Abd Elrady, sonst Conservator am Grand Egyptian Museum, ist in Hildesheim gelandet: Im Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum, wo er von der Direktorin Dr. Regine Schulz and Dr. Christian Bayer betreut wird: "I think I have have a lot to do and to learn in this museum and i am very excited and motivated to have more experience during this month in the museum. I appreciate your efforts to have this chance in this museum."

Viel Erfolg wünschen wir weiterhin unseren ägyptischen Gast-Student*innen für das Sommersemester!

Das Sommersemester ist in vollem Gange und unsere ägyptischen Gäste haben sich inzwischen eingelebt. Sie haben einen vollen Stundenplan und viele Aufgaben zu bewältigen, aber sie schlagen sich bisher sehr gut! Unterstützt werden sie tatkräftig von unserer Tutorin Elisabeth Kriep und fünf Buddies: Jan Delissen, Marie Klein, Lisa Koloska, Yvonne Maluche und Vanessa Pape! Vielen Dank an alle, die daran mitwirken den Austausch so angenehm und fruchtbar wie möglich für alle zu gestalten!